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GSP Help

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From the CONSOLE cable, Ctrl-B should bring up the GSP.

==== GSP Help ============================================(Administrator)===
      Hardware Revision N0  Firmware Revision B.02.17 Nov 10 2002,00:53:24

GSP Help System

Enter a command at the help prompt: OVerview : Launch the help overview LIst : Show the list of GSP commands <COMMAND> : Enter the command name for help on individual command TOPics : Show all GSP Help topics and commands HElp : Display this screen Q : Quit help ==== GSP HELP: li li

==== GSP Help ============================================(Administrator)=== AC : Alert display Configuration MS : Modem Status AR : Automatic System Restart config. PC : Remote Power Control CA : Configure asynch/serial ports PG : PaGing parameter setup CL : Console Log- view console history PS : Power management module Status CG : Certificate Generator RS : Reset System through RST signal CO : COnsole- return to console mode SDM : Set Display Mode (hex or text) CSP : Connect to remote Service Proc. SE : SEssion- log into the system DC : Default Configuration SL : Show Logs (chassis code buffer) DI : DIsconnect remote or LAN console SO : Security options & access control EL : Enable/disable LAN/WEB access SS : System Status of proc. modules ER : Enable/disable Remote/modem TC : Reset via Transfer of Control EX : Exit GSP and disconnect TE : TEll- send a msg. to other users HE : Display HElp for menu or command VFP : Virtual Front Panel display IT : Inactivity Timeout settings WHO : Display connected GSP users LC : LAN configuration XD : Diagnostics and/or Reset of GSP LS : LAN Status XU : Upgrade the GSP Firmware MR : Modem Reset

==== (HE for main help, enter command name, or Q to quit) GSP HELP:

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