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Flash image and config management

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Managing Flash Image and Config Versions

The most likely scenario for you is when you have a new image to flash into your switch. You want to:

  • copy the prime flash image to the secondary image
  • copy the prime configuration to the secondary configuration
  • mark the secondary configuration as the configuration to use for the secondary image
ProCurve3# copy flash flash secondary
ProCurve3# copy config config1 config config2
ProCurve3# startup-default secondary config config2

ProCurve3# show flash Image Size(Bytes) Date Version ----- ---------- -------- ------- Primary Image : 7494786 10/17/08 K.13.45 Secondary Image : 7494786 10/17/08 K.13.45 Boot Rom Version: K.12.12 Default Boot : Primary

ProCurve3# show config files

Configuration files:

id | act pri sec | name ---+-------------+------------------------------------------------ 1 | * * | config1 2 | * | config2 3 | |

Know what? It is probably best that you copy the configuration to a TFTP server somewhere.

ProCurve3# copy running-config tftp switch/procurve3-110102

Now you need to update the firmware image.

ProCurve3# copy tftp flash K13.60/K_13_60.swi
The Primary OS Image will be deleted, continue [y/n]?  y

Validating and Writing System Software to the Filesystem ...


Do you feel lucky?

ProCurve3# boot system flash primary
System will be rebooted from primary image. Do you want to continue [y/n]?  y

Hey, it worked:

ProCurve3# show version
Image stamp:    /sw/code/build/btm(t3a)
                Apr  1 2009 10:45:16
Boot Image:     Primary
ProCurve3# show flash
Image           Size(Bytes)   Date   Version
-----           ----------  -------- -------
Primary Image   : 7549183   04/01/09 K.13.60
Secondary Image : 7494786   10/17/08 K.13.45
Boot Rom Version: K.12.17
Default Boot    : Primary

If you ever need to restore that configuration you saved earlier, say in a disaster recovery scenario:

switch# copy tftp config config1 switch/procurvec-110104b

Useful things to know:

  • authentication/login credentials do not appear to be saved/restored
  • the switch will reboot once the configuration is restored
  • you can apply configurations to slots that don't exist
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