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Home Network Plan: May 2005

This is the current blue-sky plan for the network at Klondike.

Server (Jupiter replacement):

  • either the best Intel 32-bit processor we can afford, or an Opteron (depends on the SRSS support)
  • as much RAM as we can afford (probably 2 to 4 Gb)
  • lots of disk (probably SATA), mirrored (probably software RAID)
  • RedHat/Fedora
  • Sun Ray server software
Dave's office:
  • Sun Ray 1 with 17-inch monitor
  • current Compaq laptop (until it dies)
  • Sun Ray 1 with LCD, speakers, wireless keyboard and mouse
  • network laser printer
  • retire Apollo
  • probably need to run something on Jupiter to deal with other peripherals: camera disks, scanner, any memory sticks we might have.
Long term it might be nice to get Sun Ray 170s in here, but if we spend the money on LCD panels and Sun Ray 1 (or 1G) units there isn't much point in moving to the 170s.

Depending on if/when/how much Alex starts using the network, we may want to add another Sun Ray station, maybe in the front room. That's five years out or so.

The physical infrastructure is OK, depending on where we want our Sun Rays. I'm wondering if putting something in the kitchen is a better idea than having stuff in the family room since that is where Alex is currently contained.

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