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Solaris x86 Install Attempt

Repeated the Solaris 10 x86 install attempt on the 80G disk.
  • Default mode install refused to go beyond the "here are your X settings" screen.
  • Text-Install-Console-Mode complained about a corrupt install media image, spun through the initial install (which ended abruptly with a "broken pipe" error), installed half of the first disk's contents, then rebooted. This reboot failed to progress beyond the "here are your X settings" screen. Took almost an hour to get this far.
Reverted back to Linux. I am presuming that either
  • the PIII/733 is too old for this Solaris; or
  • the 80G disk is unusably corrupt; or
  • there is a problem with the disk 1 CD I burned for Solaris 10; or
  • some combination of the above.
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