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2006-03-31 #2

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Sun Ray gripe list

Current Status: Fedora Core 3, Sun Ray Server Software 3.1 FCS
  • uneven sound generation: xmms frequently mis-plays the first 3 to 7 seconds of any arbitrary MP3 track; and occasionally mis-plays the entire track. Stopping and restarting xmms may or may not reduce the mis-playing to the first 3 to 7 seconds.
  • LD_PRELOAD definition required for xmms, but this trick does not work for Firefox plugins
  • no volume device access from desktop
  • xmms device manipulation (ie balance) has no relation to actual sound generation.
  • no audio passthrough to Crossover Office applications (in this case, PokerStars) although the lack of speed in the computer shows through when running poker.
Actually, sound is about the only real gripe I have.
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