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New Dell

Unpacked the Dell last weekend. The flatpanel is attached to the Sun Ray in my office and works fine. The speakers are hooked up to the laptop docking station and sound great. The 5150 is in the basement with Jupiter.

Briefly regarding the 5150:

  • started teh included Windows, all the devices appear to work correctly
  • paved the disk and installed Solaris 10 X86 0606, but it does not detect the onboard ethernet or sound; suggested fixes for other Dells to enable the ethernet did not work
  • installed a 3c905 I have kicking around
  • paved again, installed CentOS 4.3 on 80G, all devices detected (including the onboard ethernet)
  • installed Solaris 10 X86 0606 on the rest of the disk. This time the '905 was detected as ethernet. However Solaris install does not support having a Linux on the same physical disk as Solaris, so the CentOS installation is unreachable. (It may be reachable via Xen should Xen ever run on Solaris as a hosting OS, but that's obviously not going to happen any time soon.)
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