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Virtualization Planning

Turns out that Parallels releases a version of their software for Linux (ref: >>downloads page). The documentation claims this to be a Hypervisor instead of just a virtualizer (ie the original VMWare solution, although the top-of-the-line solution is now a hypervisor as well).
  • Parallels Workstation, US$50.
  • Parallels Compressor Server, US$180.
  • Parallels Compressor Workstation, US$50.
This product will run Windows XP/Pro, although DVD/RW drives are seen only as DVD drives.

Also in the news, VMWare 1.0 is free; although this is a non-hypervisor virtualization product.

So I think we will do this:

  • Run CentOS 4.3 64-bit
  • install Sun Ray software
  • install VMWare 1.0
  • install XP into a VMWare virtual server
This should let me do pretty much everything I need to do at the moment. We can also wait for Xen to mature.

At some point it may be worth while getting a free trial key of the Parallels system and doing some comparisons to see if there is anything to be gained for US$50, a trivial amount of money to spend especially considering Parallels will support the virtualization functionality of my Pentium-D processor.

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