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Weekend Update

Installed VMWare Server 1.0 on Saturn and set up a vm for a CentOS that I was going to install ispconfig into. The first try I used the defaults for the SCSI controller and made the disk a SCSI disk, but the CentOS installer couldn't find the disk when I'd done that. So I re-did the VM with an IDE disk instead. I should probably try the other offered SCSI controller as well, since SCSI is allegedly quicker than IDE.

It is neat the way that the console has been decoupled from the actual VM software, so that the VM no longer requires a X display for the VM to run on. Even neater that the console can be run on a Windows system to control the VMs on Saturn.

I wonder if you can run the console in a VM and use that to control other VMs?

Also interesting is the implication that you can use the CD drive on your local system (the one with the console running) and attach that to the VM on the remote system. Of course, I suspect that the whole thing will come to a screaming halt if the console is stopped or disconnected before the CD is unmounted on the remote side.

IspConfig looks neat, but according to the documentation it won't run with the cyrus imapd; that is a pity, since the cyrus stuff will do full virtual domains and the run-of-the-mill imapd don't. Also it appears to want /home as a separate partition that it can install quota on. So I think I'll end up redoing the VM again. Fortunately the VM installation is relatively quick and painless.

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