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Wireless Dropouts

These wireless dropouts are getting annoying; there is no indication on the router that there is any problem. It might just be the client on my end, and the solution may be to use the USB wireless thing we got for Jenn's old laptop instead of the built-in wireless on the Dell. I have had problems with the wireless in the past, especially in situations where the wireless was active at a customer site, the computer got hibernated, and then restored at home; the wireless would never sync until the system was rebooted.

I think I will have to run Jenn's computer in the evenings while I play poker to see if the problem is network-based or client-based.

In other news, the battery that is in my Dell is affected by today's recall. I have initiated a replacement. I will check Jenn's, although since her computer was delivered in May it is probably not affected.

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