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2006-08-15 #2

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ISPconfig notes

Thus far:
  • CensOS 4.3 doesn't like the default VMWare capsule; it can't see the default SCSI controller. IDE always works, but is a setup-time only option. I think I tried the alternate SCSI controller and that worked but I don't really remember for sure.
  • ISPconfig seems to prefer a single partition, not sliced.
  • The installer checks for the vulnerability in zlib. Unfortunately the installer also spits out a ton of messages afterwards while it cleans up and then fails the rest of the process, so figuring out this is the problem is not as straightforward as it should be.
  • It is annoying to have to enter the SSL cert generation information FIVE times (two while setting up postfix, and three during the installation of the rest of the pieces). Why can't this be automated into one place?
  • All this said, the "successful" install I ran on the weekend didn't configure the database, so I can't log into it. But at least the software builds, and that is progress of a sort.
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