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Sun Ray Ressurection

So what with the general collapse of my laptop this weekend, I decided that while the Windows etc install was spinning I might as well try to get the Sun Ray pieces going again.

Things learned:

  • rpm got broken between the CentOS 4.3 release and the -current release. Downgrading to the 4.3 rpms worked properly. I believe yum will obediently re-upgrade them once you are finished.
  • I had to manually make install the modules in /usr/src/SUNWut. I also had to make sure I was running the latest kernel, as the original one I was running didn't have some piece that the kernel modules required.
  • I got redirected to an IP address that is apparently on an US ISP network somewhere; I had to tell the dhcp server to supply the "x-display-server" option in order to get it to redirect properly.
Have not tried sound yet, but things have been suspiciously quiet so far.

Also learned that the free VMWare Server won't do sound, you need VMWare Workstation to do sound in a VM. Aside from that, connecting through rdesktop to a XP running in a VM session seems to work OK; it would even play a flash video from YouTube, although it was a bit choppy.

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