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Sun Ray Sound Mixer

So the sound on the Sun Ray works out of the box (even rdesktop to a VMware Workstation VM redirects the sound back to the host Sun Ray correctly); however the problem I see now is that the mixer settings are hopelessly messed up. The sound distorts even at barely audible levels of volume.

I figured out that there are two mixer devices in the Sun Ray dev directory under temp, but none of my mixers would connect to it correctly.

I should send an email to the Sun Ray user's list asking for hints.

GQmpeg/mpg123 still play mp3s properly, with the same skipping-about-time readout I saw the last time I did this. So as long as I am not fussy about displaying what is going on I should be able to listen to music.

Quasi-relatedly, I did send an email to the list asking about the VMware Workstation keyboard problem. Failing that there has to be some way to get the ability to shut down a running system from a Terminal Services session. The system did let me shut down the VM after patches were installed, so I know it is possible.

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