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Zipped PDF files

According to the Webalizer reports, I transferred almost a GB for each of the two PDF documents I have (Asus P3V4X and Proliant DL360). This strikes me as rather a lot. So in an attempt to prevent people from reading them directly from my server, I've zipped them. That way people will still be able to get them, but they will have to download them in order to read them -- meaning the next time they want to read them, they will already have them on their systems. It will be interesting to see if this reduces the network load any.

Dvorak Uncensored wondered if there would be any way to store old manuals on the web so that when companies went bust or withdrew their products people could still get access to the manuals. I think that while technically possible, the biggest problem for such a venture would be bandwidth. I mean, I have only two (aparrently) desirable documents here, and at 250 transfers for one and 525 transfers for the other I'm over 900MB for each.

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