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Downloaded an OpenSolaris DVD with Xen pre-loaded. This is interesting because I may be able to load OpenSolaris as the top-level OS on Saturn, then run all the other things in Xen DomUs.

We'd need:

  • CentOS 4.x for the mail server
  • Solaris for Sun Ray
  • Windows for windows stuff
  • CentOS 5 for linux playing
The recommendation is to use 60% of the total available memory or less for concurrently running DomU instances. Since I only have 2G that restricts sharply what I might be able to do. Since the Dom0 is only running Xen, however, I feel it more likely that I can reduce the memory to a minimum -- say 512MB -- and use the rest for DomUs.

Either that or I'll have to buy some more memory. Saturn can take up to 4GB, but I'll have to throw away the existing memory to get there.

It would still be nice if there was a way to move a running OS (ie the existing CentOS) into a Xen DomU automatically… but there doesn't appear to be such a beast yet.

Not that I have time for a project of this scale.

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