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Bone Shaker

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YearToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
2007L0729 Bone ShakerHot Wheels Classics Series 3Chrome>>
2007L0729 Bone ShakerHot Wheels Classics Series 3Spectraflame Brown>>
2007L3054 Bone ShakerStreet ShowMetallic Blue>>
2007  Bone ShakerHot Wheels Pirates 5-PackMatte Grey>>
2008M2522 Bone ShakerCustom Classics - Altered EgosMetalflake Gold And Spectraflame Red>>
2009P235850Bone ShakerTreasure Hunts '092-Tone Black And Metalflake Gold>>
2010R7568-A815141Bone ShakerHW Hot Rods 10Brite Orange>>
2010R7568143Bone ShakerHW Hot Rods 10Dark Red>>
2010R7568143Bone ShakerHW Hot Rods 10Dull Blue>>
2013Y5184 Bone ShakerHot Wheels Test Facility 5-Pack 3Matte Black>>
2014BFD06117Bone ShakerHW Off-Road - Test FacilityRed>>
2016DHP8257Bone ShakerHW Mild To WildMetal Flake Green>>
2016DJM39 Bone ShakerHalloweenMetal Flake Light Blue>>
2016  Bone ShakerMultipack ExclusiveBlue>>
2017DVC29306Bone ShakerHW DaredevilsYellow>>
2018FJV66122Bone ShakerLegends Of SpeedRed>>
2018FJX053Bone ShakerLegends Of SpeedMatte Blue>>
2018FJX19258Bone ShakerHW 50th Race TeamBlue>>
2018FJY66334Bone ShakerHW 50th Race TeamBurnt Orange>>
2018FKX62 Bone ShakerMystery Models - Series 3Satin Light Blue>>
2018FRN34 Bone Shaker50th Anniversary Black & Gold EditionFlat Black>>
2019FXB50 Bone ShakerHot Wheels id Series 1 - HW GreatsTeal>>
2019FYC30117Bone ShakerHW Game OverVelvet Red>>
2019FYF59117Bone ShakerHW Game OverGrey>>
2019FYL23 Bone ShakerRocket League 5-PackCandy Blue>>
2019FYP64 Bone ShakerReplica Entertainment - Mix 3Dark Purple>>
2019GBB87 Bone ShakerThemed Assortment - Throwback Series 1Matte Brown>>
2019GBC29 Bone ShakerThemed Assortment - Larry Wood 50 YearsMatte Antique Gold>>
2019  Bone ShakerMultipack ExclusiveMetalflake Purple>>
2020GHC15-D7C5159Bone ShakerHW Art CarsGreen>>
2020GHC27135Bone ShakerHW Dream GarageBurgundy>>
2020GHG71135Bone ShakerRed EditionWhite>>
2020GJL92 Bone ShakerMystery Models - Series 2Tan>>
2020GJT71 Bone ShakerBoulevard SeriesFlat Black>>
2020GRH82-LA10 Bone Shaker Monster Truck And Bone ShakerMonster Trucks - DuosMatte Black>>
2020X6999 Bone ShakerMultipack ExclusiveBlack>>
2020  Bone ShakerHot Wheels id Series 2 - Legends TourSpectraflame Red>>
2021GRY67161Bone ShakerRod SquadYellow>>
2021GTN38 Bone ShakerHW LegendsMatte Brown>>
2021  Bone ShakerMultipack ExclusiveBlue>>
2021  Bone ShakerMultipack ExclusiveYellow>>
2022HCV43-M9C0E, HCV43-M9C0F105Bone ShakerHW Dream GarageBlack>>
2022HCY32105Bone ShakerHW Dream GarageZamac>>
2022HFV90 Bone ShakerHW Exposed Engines 5-PackGrey Matte>>
2022HGT73 Bone ShakerHot Wheels SkateGreen>>
2023HKH2160Bone ShakerHW Dream GarageBlack>>
2023X6999 Bone ShakerMultipack ExclusiveMetalflake Teal>>
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