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Corvette C6R

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YearToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
2006J326625Corvette C6R2006 First EditionsMetalflake Yellow>>
2006J326625Corvette C6R2006 First EditionsPearl Silver>>
2007K7615124Corvette C6R2007 Treasure HuntsBlack>>
2008M6943191Corvette C6RMystery CarsMetalflake Dark Blue>>
2009P239171Corvette C6RRacing SeriesMatte Blue>>
2013X8299 Corvette C6RBoulevardRed And Gray>>
2016CFN88-0710 4LB Corvette C6RHeritage RedlineWhite>>
2018FKT57 Corvette C6RHW Horsepower 5-PackMetalflake Dark Blue>>
2019FYL15 Corvette C6RPolice PursuitMetalflake Grey>>
2021GTN35 Corvette C6RCorvetteYellow>>
2022HCV35-M9C0N233Corvette C6RThen And NowMetalflake Blue>>
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