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Dodge Daytona Charger

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Dodge Daytona Charger

One of the few American Muscle Cars to appeal to me. Maybe I just like to see cars Pepsi'd out.

tn_149081996First EditionThe 'First Edition' car. (Possibly not -- although this car came with the same part number as the First Edition car, the card it was mounted on did not claim it to be the First Edition.) Everything I've read indicates that these cars were originally introduced with metal bases, but this one has what appears to be a silver/mirror painted plastic base, as opposed to the next two cars which clearly and distinctly have metal bases.
tn_1996-DDCb1996'60s Muscle Car Collection(part number 16255). This car has silver rims and Real Rider tyres. Paint job on this individual car is a little poor. Nice metal base (instead of the plastic one normally sees).
tn_1996-DDC1996Dodge Showroom Series 1Very similar to the green example above, except it has gold wheels instead of silver. Metal base. Very pretty car, even better than the green one.
tn_188031998Flyin' Aces 
tn_DSC4000111999Seein' 3DI have seen instances of these cars on eBay available with two or three wheel variations from what I have here.
tn_DSC001212001Rod Squadron 
tn_571442003Final RunThis car is identified as a '1969 Dodge Charger Daytona', instead of the '1970 Dodge Charger Daytona'. I have no idea what precisely what the difference is. My suspicion is that this car is being retired as the 2003 series is featuring a 'tooned' variant as a First Edition.
?General Mills Mailaway 5-PackDescribed on eBay as:
This is the Rare Dodge Daytona from the General Mills Promotional 5 Pack. This Beauty was Only Available in the Special Edition Gift Pack.
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