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Fire Eater

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YearToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
19919640-0910-G182Fire Eater Fluorescent>>
199513309322Fire EaterSilver SeriesChrome>>
199615276427Fire EaterFire Squad SeriesRed>>
199921532 Fire EaterFire 'N Rescue Action PackDeep Red>>
200027111145Fire EaterVirtual CollectionWhite>>
200153766237Fire Eater Fluorescent Yellow>>
200153766237Fire-EaterMainlineFluorescent Yellow>>
2003C1369190Fire EaterWork CrewsersMetalflake Fuscia>>
2008M691448Fire Eater2008 All StarsRed>>
2008M691448Fire Eater2008 All StarsYellow>>
2009P235446Fire-Eater2009 Treasure Hunts - RegularMetalflake Dark Red>>
2009P236646Fire Eater2009 Treasure Hunts - SuperSpectraflame Dark Red>>
2010R7661 Fire EaterRock 'N' Road 5-PackGreen>>
2011T9929222Fire EaterThrill Racers - Raceway 11White>>
2012  Fire EaterRace Rods 5-PackYellow>>
2013X167519Fire EaterHW City - RescuePearl White Metallic>>
2014BLM91 Fire-EaterMarvel Spider-ManMetalflake Steel Blue>>
2016DLV26 Fire EaterStars & StripesRed>>
2019FYL24 Fire EaterHW City 5-PackChrome>>
2021GTB15246Fire-EaterHW RescueYellow>>
2022  Fire-EaterColor ShiftersWarm: White Cold: Red>>
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