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Hot Wheels Showcase

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So I have some really cool friends, who got me something new:

It's a HotWheels Showcase, which appears to be new for 2008. (It's the black one on the right.) Also pictured is my existing display case.

The Showcase is an interesting addition to Mattel's product line. One of my complaints has always been how hard it is to find a display case for my collection; before I got the Showcase, I only had the one, which was purchased five years ago when I found it by accident.

The Showcase comes as two 8 slot x 4 slot cases. The cases are made of black plastic, have a cardboard backing covered with a semi-reflective finish, and have a clear plastic flip-up cover. My kit had a small defect in that the Hot Wheels logo sticker was detached from the second case; this was easily fixed with a glue stick.

The kit provides six small nails to secure the two cases to the wall. I had some doubts as to how well six small nails would hold the cases to the wall; the other display case, made out of some sort of plexiglass, is pretty heavy and we made sure to install it against a stud. However, once the nails were into the drywall, the cases were pretty well secured.

One problem I had was that the manufacturing of the cardboard backing plate was not perfect, so when attaching the third screw in the middle on the lower tier, it missed the prepared hole in the backing plate.

Once the first case is in, you slide the next case in to the slots on the top, or on the side, and then attach the nails to the second case. The instructions advise that you build your display units from the bottom up, which makes sense given how the dovetails are manufactured.

One problem became apparent after the cases were together; something in the assembly places stress on the cases, and the plastic cover no longer mates with its latches:

The lower case isn't perfect, but the latches do restrain the cover. As illustrated above, the upper case no longer mates with its latches at all.

Then the fun part begins: loading up the cars into the cases. Another problem quickly becomes apparent:

The slots are not very long, and the slots in the middle are not very long at all. The case will not take longer cars such as the >>Tow Jam or >>Plymouth Superbird The slots are also not very tall, so taller cars such as the >>Semi Fast, or any of the >>construction type toys will fit at all.

The case does advertise the ability to change the size of the car holders. This is true; the center divider can be removed from two of the tiers, giving a double-length slot. However it is only these two dividers which can be removed.

The final effect is reasonably pleasing; the cars can be easily viewed and examined. Access to the case by flipping up the cover is simple, although more so than necessary since the cover doesn't latch properly.

I don't like them as much as my previous case; the clear sides and dividers make more of the cars visible; the mirror finish on the back is of a higher quality, and the slot size is only an issue for extremely over-sized cars such as the >>1970 Dodge Daytona Charger.

However these offerings from Mattel will likely be much more available, and at half- to a third of the price of my older display case, they definitely will be a welcome addition to my wall.

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