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Pikes Peak Tacoma

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Pikes Peak Tacoma

You may enjoy >>this album of larger pictures. Cars with blog entries on 164th have links to the post(s) in the comments field.

1999 First release of the body type
(known missing)2000Treasure HuntSource: Hotwheels Wikia
2000CD Customs SeriesWire wheels with painted intake
2000CD Customs SeriesShowing variations: painted vs unpainted intake
2000CD Customs SeriesWheel variation: 5dot
(unverified missing)2000 variation: red body with unpainted intake (source: Hotwheels Wikia)
2003Alt Terrain 
(unverified missing)2003Alt Terrainvariation: number 12 tampo not outlined in black (seen on eBay)
2005 5SP wheels, painted intake
2005 5SP wheels, unpainted intake
2005 FTE wheels, unpainted intake (>>More on this car)
2005 FTE wheels, painted intake
2011Thrill Racers: Volcano(>>More on this car)
2011Mystery Models 
2012Team Hot WheelsHigh Speed Wheels (>>More on this car)

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