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Playset Starter Kit With 10 Cars

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Hot Wheels Playset Starter Kit With 10 Cars

(>>A big picture)

I purchased it because it had a Super Tuned I wanted. I've never opened the rest of the kit; I was thinking maybe Alex would like it when he was older, but the quality of the kit is not encouraging.

Amazon sells it; the >>reviews are not exactly positive:

(1 Star out of 5) This is junk!!, November 23, 2004
Reviewer: secrets (Indianapolis,IN)
We bought this for our son cause he just loves hot wheels, but after taking forever to put together, I found that some pieces do not snap together, they just balance there. Like the tall sloped track, if you look closely you will see that the very top piece is just resting on top so everytime my son touched any part of the mountain this piece would fall off. Then after playing with it for about an hour and more and more pieces falling off he became upset and knocked the whole thing over and has not wanted to play with it since. Nobody should buy this unless you feel like glueing the whole thing together. Oh and also alot of the time cars would not go around the curves very well so he had to keep nudging them down. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN HOT WHEELS!!!
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