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Plymouth Road Runner

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1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Somewhat of an oddity in my collection -- a big-block '60s muscle car bodystyle that I like. This is probably because it is a big, wide, heavy car with high chin and tail fenders, and would therefore go well on the track system

Notice that there are two bodystyle variations, completely different castings, for this model. The older one has a more squared off fender around the front wheel and a thinner hood than the newer one, which has rounded fender around the front wheel. Only the 2001 model (the red one below) was available in both castings, and the rounded one is aparrently quite rare (I have only seen one on eBay). Oddly, the older casting with the squared off fender is much more appealing to me, I am not as interested in the newer casting with the rounded wheels.

Known Missing1996(?)Little Debbie Series III (Giftpack)White with grey tampos. Year (from eBay)is odd, considering the First Editions date.
Known Missing1998First EditionseBay auction description:
1970 Plymouth Road Runner in Hemi Orange enamel CLEAR windows & Black interior. Chrome 5 spoke wheels Chrome plastic "Malaysia" base. " 426 HEMI " etc tampos.
2001 Lots of play damage to the paint, especially on the wheels.
2003Highway 35 World RaceDescribed on eBay as:
The Scorchers Team Leader, this is the 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner with a Gold Rims, Glossy Paint Instead of the Flat Enamel on the Regular Release and a Zamac Roof! This Rare Team Lead was Only Available in the VHS or DVD Packs, Never On Card!
This car has some kind of actual computer-generated image painted on the side -- not ugly tampos or stickers. Sweet car, nice roller.
Missing -- Unconfirmed2004HWC ExclusiveI've seen indirect references to a (HWC) Exclusive of this bodytype.
Known Missing2005KMart Exclusive(?)eBay seller claims this car is a KMart Exclusive, but it looks like a mainline card in the picture to me. (Later: I think I read on eBay that KMart has had some exclusive 2005 color variations, maybe that is what it means by KMart Exclusive?)
2005Classics Series 1I've seen a bunch of color variations on eBay. These cars are much heavier than their mainline cousins. Really nice finish and detail work; the photo doesn't really do the car justice.
2005Muscle Mania Gift PackThere are apparently a couple of color variations for this set; and variations in the size of the tampo on the rear deck
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