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Semi Fast

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Semi Fast

These trucks represent a racing that is a little on the bizarre side. The trucks are speed limited to 100 MPH, and are penalized if they exceed that speed (the therory being that an out-of-control truck at 100 MPH is less likely to injure someone than an out-of-control truck at 160 MPH). It makes for pretty wild and full-contact racing, absolutely hilarious to watch at times.

This collection is considered complete until I learn of another model that I am missing, and the 'Final Run' model was issued in 2004.

1999First Editions 
1999First EditionsThe somewhat rarer variation of the First Edition
1999First EditionsVariation with a chrome upper grill.
2000Virtual Collection 
 Gift Pack"Super Sport" Gift Pack or something similar. I originally purchased the gift pack because it had an otherwise uniquely decorated Commodore SS-VT.
2004Final Run 
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