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Super Tuned

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Super Tuned

2001First EditionsRare variation with open wing
2001First EditionsFar more common example of the First Edition
2001 This is probably one of the best Hot Wheels pictures I have ever taken. The yellow just pops, everything is crisp and sharp. (>>A larger version.)
2002 Deluxe Auto Chase Playset
2004 Playset Starter Kit
This is a black car with white doors and hood, with DC POLICE tampos. I have also seen this truck in a "starter set" (included ten cars and a bunch of the playset roadway) at a Canadian Toys 'R Us store, but at $50 I hesitated and it was gone the next time I went in. Later I went back, and the set was only $40, so I got it.
2003Tech Tuners 
 Vendor ExclusivePromotional givaway, possibly from JiffyLube or Autozone, possibly 2002
2008 Dark Blue variant. Was also available on a J6510 Card
 2008 Gray variant

This list is considered up to date as of the end of 2005.

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