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Surplus Inventory

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This is a list of the extra HotWheels cars I have. These are the remnants of a large lot I purchased from a dealer who was getting out of the flea market business.

These are all in the blister packs. I don't know how to rate cars, cards, or blisters; but they are all in reasonable retail condition. Some have price stickers; some have damage to the hooks.

18790Dodge Viper RT/10 (#4/4) 
18798Plymouth Barracuda (#4/4)2 (blister variations)
18811Buick Wildcat (#1/4) 
19515Rigor Motor 
21065Screamin' Hauler (#15/26) 
21066Fiat 500C5
21101Shadow Jet II (#2 of 4) 
21328Splittin' Image II (#4/4) 
21329Super Modified(#1/4) 
22410Twang Thang 
24369Deora II (#5/36) 
24373Phantastique (2000 First Editions #9 of 36) 
24378Surf Crate (#13/36) 
24384Metrorail (#23/36) 
24387Dune Devil (#31/36) 
24394Hammered Coupe (#33/36) 
24398Arachnorod (#34 of 36) 
26004Rigor Motor (Tony Hawk #1 of 4) 
26006Jeepster (#3 of 4) 
26009Dodge Charger Daytona 1970 (#2/4) 
26027Dodge Ram 1500 (#4/4) 
26033Pikes Peak Tacoma (#2/4) 
26040Firebird (#1/4) 
26050Tee'd Off (#3/4) 
27082Way 2 Fast 
27084Tee'd Off2
27094Track T 
270993-Window 1934 
27122Screamin' Hauler 
27139Baby Boomer 
27497Blast Lane (#36/36)6
28736Bus (#2/36)4
28737Sooo Fast (#4/36) 
28748Krazy 8s (2001 First Editions #7/36; 2001 #019) 
28753Lotus Project M250 (#13/36) 
28761Jet Threat 3.0 (#22 of 36) 
28762Ferrari 156 (#30/36) 
29268Whatta Drag 
29269Super Comp Dragster 
29272T-Bird 1957 
29275Sweet 16 
29283Skullrider (2001 #227) 
29290Ford 1933 
29296Scorchin' Scooter2
29300Deora II 
50094Phaeton (#3/4) 
50109Pontiac Banshee (#2/4) 
50645Cadillac 1935 
52938Lancia Stratos (#25/42) 
53723Jaguar D-Type 
55015Porsche 911 Carrera 
55044Thomassima III 
55059Dodge Viper GTS-R 

(This list is reasonably complete)

As of this writing, I have not posted a wanted-list, nor have I decided how I am willing to go about using these cars. I think I'd like to use them as trade-bait (although I presume the majority of what I have here will be of absolutely no interest to anyone). This is not a store. I am not interested in selling any of these cars. I can't charge enough to make it worth the time and effort it takes to organize it.

However if you see something here you want then drop me a line (see how to Send Feedback To Dave) and let me know, and maybe we can work something out. It would help if you had a list of what you had available for trade ahead of time (ideally online like this list) that I could peruse and see if there is anything I'd like to add to my collection, but if you have something that given what is on the rest of my pages here might be interesting it wouldn't hurt to ask.

I'm also willing to answer questions about these cars (just in case I have a variation you are looking for) but please understand I am not an expert on any of these models and so the onus is on you to do the research. If you ask real nice I'll take a picture of the car in question so you can have a good look at it; however I may not be able to do this in a terribly timely manner.

Rule of thumb: it never hurts to ask; the worst thing I'll say is "no" or "no thank you". If you are cool with that then we'll get on famously.

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