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Tow Jam

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Tow Jam

I can't really say why this model appeals to me. I guess it just looks neat.

?CDROM ExclusiveBlack body with silver hood; painted red trim lights on cab; light blue HotWheels tampo on sides
1998First EditionsAvailable with both "Mayasia" and "Taiwan" stamped bases.
Observed variations: the HotWheels tampo on the roof comes in both large and small sizes.
1999 The green here is very subtle, even when compared with the blue 2000 model hand-to-hand.
2000Treasure HuntLike most Treasure Hunts, this one doesn't roll very well on its Real Rider tyres.
2002 Black with grey windows, Speedy Tow Service tampo.
2003Work CrewsersThis one has the tampo misprint Lightin' Leo's. I have observed on eBay examples with Lighnin' Leo's tampos.
2006 Mainline number 127
2006 Mainline number 127
2007Hot Wheels City gift pack 
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