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Collector's NumberPart NumberSeriesNameNotes
unknown16255 >>1970 Dodge Charger DaytonaAccording to the eBay auction I won this from, this car is part of a 1996 Muscle Machines Gift Pack (Verified Later: '60s Muscle Car Collection; year is still speculative). It has beautiful RealRider tyres, gold wheels, and a metal base -- unlike the plastic base most of these models have -- making it a fantastic item. Definitely one for any Top Ten list.
unknown- >>1970 Dodge Charger DaytonaAlso aparrently from a 1996 Muscle Machines Gift Pack (although either this or the red one is a variation). Beautifully finished. Even runs reasonably well on those 'Real Rider' tyres.
36814908 >>1970 Dodge Charger Daytona 
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