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ToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
18852676Porsche 911 GT1-981999 First EditionsWhite>>
19580874Pit Crew Truck1999 Hot WheelsGray>>
21059912Porsche 911 GT3 Cup1999 First EditionsDark Purple>>
21059912Porsche 911 GT3 Cup1999 First EditionsGray>>
21061914Semi-Fast1999 First EditionsRed/Black>>
21061914Semi-Fast1999 First EditionsRed>>
21061914Semi-Fast1999 First EditionsRed>>
21071924Pikes Peak Tacoma1999 First EditionsYellow>>
21073926Mercedes CLK-LM1999 First EditionsSilver>>
21110951AmbulanceStreet Art SeriesMetalflake Purple>>
21319971Pikes Peak CelicaSugar Rush Series IIWhite>>
21332984Escort RallyClassic Games SeriesRed>>
224191048Rescue Ranger1999 Hot WheelsWhite>>
23298 Pikes Peak CelicaCoca-Cola Race TeamGold>>
238171007Tow Jam1999 Hot WheelsMetalflake Green>>
240851071Panoz GTR-11999 Hot WheelsBlack>>
  Tow JamCDROM InteractiveBlack>>
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This is a collection of techical information, much of it learned the hard way. Consider it a lab book or a /info directory. I doubt much of it will be of use to anyone else.

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