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ToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
2392861Ferrari 365 GTB/42000 First EditionsRed>>
2436864Pro Stock Firebird2000 First EditionsYellow>>
2437168'68 El Camino2000 First EditionsPearl White>>
2437471Ferrari 333 SP2000 First EditionsRed>>
24386-0910090Mini Cooper2000 First EditionsYellow>>
25413187Panoz GTR-12000 Hot WheelsYellow>>
25434205Pikes Peak Celica2000 Hot WheelsWhite>>
26009101970 Dodge Charger DaytonaSeein' 3-D SeriesBlue>>
26009101970 Dodge Charger DaytonaSeein' 3-D SeriesBlue>>
2602017Hot Wheels 500Mad Maniax SeriesBlue>>
2602118Camaro Z28Mad Maniax SeriesSilver>>
2603330Pikes Peak TacomaCD Customs SeriesBlack>>
2603633Toyota MR2Kung Fu Force SeriesBlack>>
2604542Sol-Aire CX4Tony Hawk Skate SeriesWhite>>
2637250Tow Jam2000 Treasure Hunt SeriesYellow>>
2637957Pikes Peak Celica2000 Treasure Hunt SeriesMetalflake Blue>>
27078111Wheel Loader2000 Virtual CollectionWhite>>
27095128Porsche 911 GT3 Cup2000 Hot WheelsWhite>>
27111145Fire EaterVirtual CollectionWhite>>
27114148Pikes Peak Tacoma2000 Hot WheelsRed>>
27128162Ferrari F355 Challenge2000 Hot WheelsYellow>>
27129163Mercedes CLK-LM2000 Hot WheelsRed>>
27132166Pikes Peak Celica White>>
27138172Porsche 911 GT1-982000 Hot WheelsMetalflake Purple>>
29266211Tow Jam2000 Hot WheelsMetalflake Light Blue>>
29266211Tow Jam Metalflake Blue>>
29297250Porsche 911 GT1-98MainlineWhite>>
29303246'68 El Camino2000 Hot WheelsOrange>>
29306249'59 ImpalaMainlineBlack>>
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This is a collection of techical information, much of it learned the hard way. Consider it a lab book or a /info directory. I doubt much of it will be of use to anyone else.

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