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Collector's NumberPart NumberSeriesNameNotes
2001-x- >>Dodge Viper GTS-R 
2001-01328742 >>Cadillac LMP 
2001-01628737 >>Sooo Fast 
2001-01728738 >>Super Tuned 
2001-01728738 >>Super Tuned (Open Wing Variant)(First Editions) 
2001-02028745 >>MS-T Suzuka 
2001-02128744 >>Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S 
2001-02228749 >>Shredster 
2001-02428754 >>Maelstrom 
2001-02528753 >>Lotus M250 
2001-02628751 >>1971 Plymouth GTX 
2001-02728758 >>Honda Civic SI 
2001-034- >>Jet Threat 3.0 
2001-03628755 >>Toyota Celica 
2001-03728770 >>Ford Focus 
2001-03852715 >>Mega-Duty 
2001-03928765 >>Riley & Scott Mk III 
2001-04450087 >>Camaro Z-28 
2001-04628769 >>Ford Thunderbolt 
2001-04828756 >>Fandango 
2001-05028762 >>Ferrari 156 
2001-05650091 >>Chevelle 1970 
2001-06450099 >>Olds Aurora GTS-I 
2001-06550100 >>Dodge Daytona Charger 
2001-06750102 >>Greased Lightnin' 
2001-07250107 >>Screamin' Hauler 
2001-07450109 >>Pontiac Banshee 
2001-07550113 >>Turbolence 
2001-08550123 >>Jaguar XJ220 
2001-08850126 >>Dodge Sidewinder 
2001-09050128 >>Corvette 1963 
2001-09250130 >>Pontiac GTO 
2001-09550133 >>Chevy S10 
2001-09650134 >>Pro Stock Firebirdcool design, disappointing roll quality one of the rear wheels sticks.
2001-09750627 >>Angila Panel 
2001-09850628 >>Thomasimma III 
2001-09950629 >>Pro Stock Firebird 
2001-10050630 >>Road Runner 1970 
2001-10150631 >>Chevy Pick-Up 
2001-10250632 >>Road Rocket 
2001-10350633 >>Porche 928 
2001-10550635 >>Demon 
2001-10950639 >>Corvette 1965 
2001-11050640 >>Willys 1941 
2001-11250642 >>Mustang Mach 1 
2001-11650646 >>Auburn 852 
2001-11950649 >>Sho Stopper 
2001-12150651 >>Firebird 
2001-12350653 >>Wheel LoaderFor some reason, I have always found construction toys cool. The front bucket doesn't lift as high as I remember older toys doing.
2001-12450654 >>Lamborghini Diablo 
2001-12550655 >>Ford Vicky 1932 
2001-12750960 >>Roll Cage 
2001-12850657 >>Lotus Elise 340R 
2001-12950658 >>Slide Out 
2001-13050659 >>25th Anniversary Lambourghini Countach 
2001-13350662 >>Corvette 1997 
2001-13550664 >>Corvette Stingray 
2001-13850667 >>Vulture 
2001-13950668 >>Ford GT-40 
2001-14150670 >>Go Kart 
2001-14250671 >>T-Bird 1963 
2001-14350672 >>SS Commodore (VT) 
2001-14450673 >>Isuzu VehiCROSS 
2001-14550574 >>Toyota MR2 
2001-14650675 >>Camaro Z28 
2001-15650034 >>Ford 1940 
2001-15753700 >>Ferrari 333SP 
2001-15853701 >>Mini Cooper 
2001-15953702 >>Cabbin' Fever 
2001-16153704 >>Jaguar XK8Really well finished car.
2001-16253705 >>Hummer 
2001-16353706 >>Bugatti 1937 
2001-16653709 >>Ferrari 456M 
2001-16753710 >>Austin Healey 
2001-17153714 >>Mercedes C-Class 
2001-17453717 >>Baja Bug 
2001-17750044 >>Dodge Viper RT/10 
2001-18050052 >>Corvette StingrayLooks more like a BMW Z3 than a Corvette to me. I'm not too fussy about the paint job, but it really rolls well. Bottom stamp identifies it as a 'Sting Ray III'.
2001-18453723 >>Jaguar D-Type 
2001-18753726 >>Bywayman 
2001-19053729 >>Ferrari 308 
2001-19350061 >>Rescue Ranger 
2001-20153730 >>Super Tuned 
2001-20453733 >>Ferrari 360 Modena 
2001-20553734 >>Phantom Corsair 1938 
2001-20653735 >>Panoz GTR-1 
2001-20853737 >>Cadillac LMPFlat primer-like paint finish almost as if it was not painted before being released.
2001-20953738 >>Ferrari F40 
2001-21253741 >>ShredsterPretty color variation. Yellow almost always seems to work well on these toys.
2001-21353742 >>MS-T Suzuka 
2001-21453743 >>Porche 911 GT3 
2001-21853747 >>Ferrari 250Front end axle is a bit wobbly
2001-21953748 >>CorvetteAn old favorite
2001-22053749 >>GT RacerAnother nice rolling, heavy car which can't be used on the track because of its low chin spoiler. Beautiful paint job, even if I am not a huge fan of the 'flames' decals.
2001-22153750 >>Riley & Scott Mk IIIMetal shell on a plastic base. Excellent running characteristics, although the front is definitely not curve-friendly. Decals are a little busy for my taste, but reasonable finish and a nice deep red paint color. Plastic wing on the back suffers the same deformation (the right side of the wing is lower than the left side) typical of many buble-pack cars.
2001-22353752 >>Pikes Peak Tacoma 
2001-22453753 >>Shadow Mk IIa 
2001-22953758 >>Silver BulletA classic, having a 1974 stamp date on it's bottom. This is the way all the cars were made in the good old days metal base with good quality running gear. A good roller, with a nose and tail good for most track situations. Good finish, adequate styling. Worth having, but not really worth trading for.
2001-23153760 >>Lotus Project M250 
2001-23253761 >>Panoz LMP-1 RoadsterIf only the real car was as green as this picture
2001-23553764 >>Semi Fast 
2001-23753766 >>Fire Eater 
2001-23853767 >>Ferrari F50A much better car than the F40. Nice finish, fair roll and track qualities. The paint is almost two-tone, showing highlights on the car's curved surfaces really well.
5569955699 >>Twin Mill II (Extreme Sports Series)(AutoZone Limited Edition)The year is a guess but this is identical to 2001-083. Came with the Limited Edition Fandango on the same card.
5569955699 >>Fandango (AutoZone Limited Edition)The year is a guess -- the TwinMill II which partners this car definitely is a 2001-083
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