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ToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
28738-0910017Super Tuned2001 First EditionsMetalflake Blue>>
28738017Super Tuned2001 First EditionsMetalflake Blue>>
2874213Cadillac LMP2001 First EditionsMetalflake Silver>>
28744-0910 D1021Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S2001 First EditionsRed>>
2874520MS-T Suzuka2001 First EditionsPearl Lime-Green>>
2875126'71 Plymouth GTX2001 First EditionsLime Green>>
2875325Lotus M2502001 First EditionsGray>>
2875648Fandango2001 First EditionsOrange>>
2875827Honda Civic Si2001 First EditionsRed>>
2876250Ferrari 1562001 First EditionsRed>>
2876539Riley & Scott Mk III2001 First EditionsBlue>>
2876946Ford Thunderbolt2001 First EditionsBlack>>
2877037Ford Focus2001 First EditionsBlack>>
28771 OR 5271538Mega-Duty2001 First EditionsMetalflake Silver>>
50044177Dodge Viper RT/10MainlineNeon Yellow>>
50054 Holden SS Commodore VTVictory Lane 5-PackWhite>>
50057192Ford Escort RallyVictory Lane 5-PackGray>>
50061193Rescue Ranger2001 Hot WheelsRed>>
5008744Camaro Z-28Fossil Fuels SeriesRed>>
5009156'70 Chevelle SSTurbo Taxi SeriesMetalflake Blue>>
50099064Olds Aurora GTS-1Anime SeriesLight Blue>>
50100065Dodge Daytona ChargerRod Squadron SeriesSilver Metalflake>>
5010772Screamin' HaulerSkull And Crossbones SeriesSilver>>
5010974Pontiac BansheeLogo-MotiveMetalflake Blue>>
5012385Jaguar XJ220Company CarsBlack>>
5012688Dodge SidewinderCompany CarsBurgundy>>
5012890'63 CorvetteHippie MobilesMetalflake Green>>
5013092'67 Pontiac GTOHippie MobilesYellow>>
5013395Chevy Pro Stock TruckSkin Deep SeriesFluorescent Yellow>>
5013496Pro Stock FirebirdSkin DeepBlack>>
50631101Chevy Pick-Up2001 Hot WheelsYellow>>
50633103P-928Hot WheelsGreen>>
50635105Demon2001 Hot WheelsMetalic Black>>
50639-0910109'65 CorvetteHW 2001White>>
50642112Mustang Mach 12001 Hot WheelsSilver>>
50646116Auburn 8522001 Hot WheelsWhite>>
50651-0510 D1121IROC Firebird2001 Hot WheelsMetalflake Gray>>
50653123Wheel Loader2001 Hot WheelsDark Blue/Grey>>
50654124Lamborghini DiabloMainlineMetalflake Purple>>
50657128Lotus Elise 340R2001 Hot WheelsMetalflake Red>>
5065913025th Anniversary Lamborghini CountachMainlineBlue>>
50665136Ice Cream Truck2001 Hot WheelsWhite>>
50668139Ford GT-402001 Hot WheelsPurple>>
50670141Go KartMainlineFluorescent Orange>>
50672143Holden SS Commodore VTMainlineYellow>>
50673144Isuzu Vehicross2001 Hot WheelsYellow>>
53700157Ferrari 333 SPMainlineBlack>>
53701158Mini Cooper2001 Hot WheelsMetalflake Dark Blue>>
53702159Cabbin' Fever2001 Hot WheelsMetalflake Green>>
53704161Jaguar XK8MainlineMetalflake Red>>
53705162Hummer2001 Hot WheelsYellow>>
53709166Ferrari 456M Blue>>
53710167Austin HealeyMainlineRed>>
53717174Baja Bug2001 Hot WheelsSilver>>
53726187Bywayman2001 Hot WheelsMetalflake Black>>
53727188Flame Stopper2001 Hot WheelsBrown>>
53729190Ferrari 308MainlineSilver>>
53730-0814201Super TunedMainlineYellow>>
53733204Ferrari 360 ModenaMainlineBlack>>
53734205'38 Phantom CorsairMainlineMetalflake Brown>>
53735206Panoz GTR-1MainlineRed>>
53737208Cadillac LMPMainlineMatte Black>>
53738209Ferrari F40MainlineBlue>>
53742213MS-T SuzukaMainlineRed>>
53743214Porsche 911 GT32001 Hot WheelsPearl Orange Metalflake>>
53747218Ferrari 250MainlineSilver>>
53748219Corvette2001 Hot WheelsOrange>>
53749220GT RacerMainlineBlue>>
53750221Riley & Scott Mk III2001 Hot WheelsRed>>
53752223Pikes Peak TacomaMainlineBlack>>
53758229Aeroflash2001 Hot WheelsBlack>>
53760231Lotus Project M250MainlineYellow>>
53761232Panoz LMP-1 Roadster SMainlineGreen>>
53764235Semi-Fast2001 Hot WheelsTransparent Red & Black>>
53766237Fire Eater Fluorescent Yellow>>
53766237Fire-EaterMainlineFluorescent Yellow>>
53767238Ferrari F50MainlinePurple>>
55699 FandangoAutozone ExclusiveBlack>>
56018 Super TunedLimited Edition - Auto ZoneBlack>>
  Porsche 930Cyborg City 5-PackBlack>>
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