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Collector's NumberPart NumberSeriesNameNotes
unknown56033 >>FandangoThis one is pretty odd it came with the Guide 2002 on a 2/3-height bubblepack. It looks like a typical car in every way except that there is no year or series identifier on the card. It has the product number 56033, and I am going to keep this one on its card for now. Pity, because I was looking forward to playing with it. (Update, 20 June 2002: Of course if I'd read the packaging in the first place, I would have noticed that this was an Exclusive HotWheels vehicle. So all I need to do is to grab another guide book combo and I'll get another truck to play with. Plus, hopefully, two other cool cars.)
2002-01452902 >>HyperlinerBizarre removable bodyshell exposes a flimsy-looking interior. Mine had paint frizzies on the front right of the car. Good roller, good mass too bad the deep chin and flank spoilers make it useless on the track.
2002-01652910 >>Overbord 454 
2002-01952920 >>Nissan SkylineI'm biased I have been waiting for this car since before christmas. Mostly a favorite due to the Grand Turismo 3 game where I have spent most of my time in the game behind the wheel of the blue group s Calsonic Skyline. Good styling and roll qualities, a little decal damage on the side where the door ridges are. A great car.
2002-02152942 >>Corvette SR-2 
2002-02252903 >>Nomadder WhatBring on the 2002 cars!
2002-02552915 >>Ferrari P4Classic sportscar racing Ferrari. Why are all the newer cars this year all plasticy? Looks nice, though.
2002-02652929 >>Saleen S7This car was a 'wow' car when I first laid eyes on it. This kind of styling in the old sports-prototype race car mold really appeals to me. Nice and wide, and a reasonable weight too but of course it won't go well on the track.
2002-02952935 >>Cougar 1968Beautiful car, excellent detail, great finish. Nice wide profile, good high nose and tail let down by moderate mass and merely average roll quality.
2002-03452911 >>JadedFantastic roller, great styling and finish
2002-03552922 >>Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 1957 
2002-03652923 >>'97 CorvetteOne of three cars which came with the Guide 2002 book. The car is unfortunately light for its size, but looks very nice. I especially like the color. Moderately good rolling quality.
2002-03752938 >>Lancia StratosAnother classic from rallying days. Nice heavy design, good on the track. Pretty gold trimmed wheels.
2002-03952930 >>Toyota RSC 
2002-04052921 >>Mini Cooper 2001BMW's attempt to do a 'New Beetle'. I didn't notice until I got it home that the roof had a dirty patch on it.
2002-04152925 >>Super Tsunami 
2002-04252914 >>Riviera 1964 
2002-04452917 >>Lotus EspritVery cool looking. Too bad its all plasticy.
2002-04552937 >>Volkswagen New Beetle Cup 
2002-04652926 >>Pony-Up 
2002-05252940 >>Side Draft 
2002-06454358 >>Honda Civic 
2002-06554359 >>MS-T Suzuka  
2002-06754337 >>65 CorvetteAnother variation on the Corvette theme.
2002-06854338 >>HW Prototype 12One of three cars which came with the Guide 2002 book. Interesting styling, nice solid construction. I don't particularly like the use of the semi-seethrough plastic in the lower part of the car. Rear wing extremely deformed during shipping. Fair rolling quality, but the low nose styling hates the track.
2002-07454356 >>Ford 1933 
2002-08354362 >>Power Pistons 
2002-08554364 >>Fandango 
2002-08656137 >>Super Tuned 
2002-09554373 >>Chevy Pro Stock Truck 
2002-11054368 >>'70 Plymouth Roadrunner 
2002-11855003 >>Mercedes CLK-LMA lot nicer than the picture makes it look. I don't know what went wrong with this set of photos they were cued up the same as the last bunch, but for some reason even though they looked much nicer than usual on the camera's LCD screen the finished product isn't that hot. Sorry.
2002-11955004 >>Pontiac RageousVery cool high zoot factor
2002-12855013 >>Tow Jam 
2002-13055015 >>Porche 911 CarreraA real classic. A solid car which easilly weighs twice what any of this year's First Editions do lots of good metal. I've seen around that this car is one of the twelve 2002 Final Run cars. Pity.
2002-13155016 >>Thunderstreak 
2002-13555020 >>Porche 911 GT1-98Whoo-hoo! Another racing Porche.
2002-13755022 >>Ferrari 348 
2002-13955024 >>Camaro 1967 
2002-14355028 >>Anglia Panel 
2002-14855033 >>Porsche 959 
2002-15155036 >>Toyota Celica 
2002-15355038 >>Sol-Aire CK4Another cool racing porche. Obviously designed back in the days when they were not afraid to use metal.
2002-15455039 >>Olds 442 
2002-15555040 >>T-Bird Stocker 
2002-15855043 >>Fandango 
2002-15955044 >>Thomassima III 
2002-16055045 >>Pikes Peak Celica 
2002-16055045 >>Pikes Peak CelicaDeep color variation
2002-16255047 >>Ferrari 512M 
2002-16455049 >>Ferrari F355 Spider 
2002-16555050 >>T-Bird 1957 
2002-16655051 >>Ferrari 308 
2002-16855053 >>Speed Blaster 
2002-17155056 >>Oshkosh P-Series 
2002-17255057 >>Ferrari F355 
2002-17355058 >>Plymouth Barracuda 1970 
2002-17455059 >>Dodge Viper GTS-R 
2002-17755062 >>'95 Camaro 
2002-19055075 >>Pontiac Firebird 
2002-21055095 >>Dodge Sidewinder 
2002-21155096 >>Super Modified 
2002-21455099 >>Olds 442 
5603356033 >>FandangoA second car. These are exclusive to the Guide 2002 pack. I found them on sale, so I figured it cost me little to keep the other one in its bubble pack. A lot more plasticy than the weight of the packaging leads one to believe, but still fun to play with.
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