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ToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
B35325'68 Chevy Nova2004 First EditionsMetalflake Pale Blue>>
B353828Chevy Fleetline 19472004 First EditionsMetal-flake Lavender>>
B355154'Tooned Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution2004 First EditionsRed>>
B35569Enzo Ferrari ('Tooned)2004 First EditionsRed>>
B35587Ferrari 360 Modena ('Tooned)2004 First EditionsYellow>>
B3595 Escort RallyTiki Torchers 5-PackBlack>>
B3595 Mini CooperTiki Torchers 5-PackSilver>>
B3763169'70 Plymouth RoadrunnerWastelandersMetalflake Dark Yellow>>
B3768174Pikes Peak CelicaRoll PatrolBlue>>
B3850129Ferrari F355 ChallengeFerrari HeatRed>>
B3851130Ferrari 456MFerrari HeatDark Green>>
B3853132Ferrari 333 SPFerrari HeatWhite>>
B3862141FandangoTag RidesLight Green>>
B3862141FandangoTag RidesLight Green>>
C2646 Steel FlameAuto Affinity Haul 'N' AsphaltPearl White>>
C270311Blings Lotus Esprit2004 First EditionsGreen>>
C272784Off Track2004 First EditionsBlack>>
C4561 FandangoMalaysia Factory Challenge SetDark Green>>
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This is a collection of techical information, much of it learned the hard way. Consider it a lab book or a /info directory. I doubt much of it will be of use to anyone else.

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