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Collector's NumberPart NumberSeriesNameNotes
2005-003C4982First Editions, Realistix>>Ferrari 575 GTC 
9H707E1HotWheels Classics Series 1>>1970 Plymouth Road RunnerThe HotWheels Classics Series are not mainline cars. The paint quality is better, and the cars seem better built. I don't think it is an accident that they have selected cars which are heavy and well-engineered to begin with.
2005-013G6727First Editions, Realistix>>Formul8r 
2005-018G6732First Editions, Realistix>>'69 Pontiac GTO 
2005-020G6735First Editions, Realistix>>Maserati MC12  
2005-056G6718First Editions, X-Raycers>>Stockar 
2005-088G6810Realistix, Hot Wheels Racing>>Pikes Peak Celica 
2005-089G6811Realistix, Hot Wheels Racing>>Ford Escort 
2005-101G6828Muscle Mania>>1971 Plymouth GTX 
2005-104G6831Muscle Mania>>1969 Dodge Charger 
2005-137H9045 >>Pikes Peak TacomaFaster Than Ever wheels, build quality of this instance is poor and the wheels rub the inside of the fenders.
2005-137H9045 >>Pikes Peak Tacoma 
2005-159H9067 >>Off Track 
2005-159H9067 >>Off Track Faster Than Ever wheels; rolls really well.
2005-178H9086 >>Saleen S7 
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