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ToyCollector #Model NameSeriesColorLink
327433Ferrari F430 Spider2006 First EditionsBlack>>
327433Ferrari F430 Spider2006 First EditionsRed>>
J2780 Hot BirdHot Wheels Classics Series 2Spectraflame Green>>
J2835 '69 Dodge ChargerUltra Hots SeriesSilver>>
J32421'70 Plymouth Superbird2006 First EditionsGreen>>
J32421'70 Plymouth Superbird2006 First EditionsGreen>>
J32421'70 Plymouth Superbird2006 First EditionsMetalflake Copper>>
J32465Ferrari 512M2006 First EditionsBlue>>
J325716AMG-Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM2006 First EditionsMetalflake Gray>>
J326625Corvette C6R2006 First EditionsPearl Silver>>
J3293 FandangoSci-Fi Hiway 5-PackGreen>>
J3391651970 Dodge Charger DaytonaMopar MadnessLight Blue With White Top>>
J3391651970 Dodge Charger DaytonaMopar MadnessPurple With White Top>>
J341286'70 Chevelle SSMotown Metal SeriesRed>>
J341690'69 Pontiac GTOMotown Metal SeriesYellow>>
J3449127Tow JamMainlineMetalflake Orange>>
J3449127Tow JamMainlineMetalflake Teal>>
J7992132Pikes Peak CelicaMainlineBlack>>
J7992132Pikes Peak CelicaMainlineBlack>>
J80121551969 Pontiac GTO JudgeMainlineBlack>>
J8025195Ferrari 333 SPMainlineBlack>>
J8032201Ferrari 575 GTCMainlineGray>>
 166Pikes Peak TacomaMainlineWhite>>
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