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Gift Packs

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Collector's NumberPart NumberSeriesNameNotes
B1365B1365 >>Detail Center Playset 
unknown89089 >>Pikes Peak Celica (Nitro Hill Race) 
unknownunknown >>GT Racer (Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>(Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>(Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>(Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>HW Prototype #12 (Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>Speed Blaster (Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>Hundai Tiberon (Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>Turbo Flame (Track Starter Kit) 
unknownunknown >>(Track Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Super Tuned (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Cunningham C4R (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Maelstrom (Playset Starter Kit)Traded away to a collector of Maelstroms, including error cars. The windshield in this example was inserted incorrectly.
unknownC6923 >>Nissan Skyline (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Fish'd & Chip'd (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Phantastique (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Aurora (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Montezooma GM (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Sling Shot (Playset Starter Kit) 
unknownC6923 >>Turbolence (Playset Starter Kit) 
G6920-aG6920 >>Ferrari 365GTB/4 
G6920-bG6920 >>Ferrari P4 
G6920-cG6920 >>Enzo Ferrari 
G6920-dG6920 >>Ferrari F50 
G6920-eG6920 >>Ferrari 333SP 
G6915aG6915 >>Olds 442 (Muscle Mania Gift Pack) 
G6915bG6915 >>Chevelle 1970 (Muscle Mania Gift Pack) 
G6915cG6915 >>'70 Plymouth Roadrunner (Muscle Mania Gift Pack) 
G6915dG6915 >>Cougar 1968 (Muscle Mania Gift Pack) 
G6915eG6915 >>'67 Dodge Charger (Muscle Mania Gift Pack) 
23298-0123298 >>Pikes Peak Celica 
B3595-01B3595 >>Jeepster (Tiki Torcher Gift Pack) 
23298-0223298 >>Dragster 
B3595-02B3595 >>Mini Cooper (Tiki Torcher Gift Pack) 
23298-0323298 >>Calloway C7 
B3595-03B3595 >>Escort Rally (Tiki Torcher Gift Pack) 
23298-0423298 >>'40 Ford 
B3595-04B3595 >>Isuzu VehiCROSS (Tiki Torcher Gift Pack) 
B3595-05B3595 >>Lancia Stratos (Tiki Torcher Gift Pack) 
50042e50042 >>Chaparral 2Cyborg City gift pack
50042d50042 >>Ferrari(?)Cyborg City gift pack<br>This car looks like the Ferrari race car which predates the F40.
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