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Unknown Cars

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Collector's NumberPart NumberSeriesNameNotes
unknown-- >>MustangThis car was owned by my sister.
unknown- >>Minivan? 
unknown- >>Sunagon 
unknown- >>GMC Motorhome 
unknown- >>Grand Turino(?) 
unknown-- >>Countach(?)An old car we've had for a while. What you don't see is the fact that the paint is temperature sensitive, getting lighter as it gets hotter. 1988 stamp date.
unknown- >>School Bus 
unknown- >>School Bus 
unknown- >>School Bus 
unknown- >>School Bus 
unknown- >>Airport Fire Truck 
unknown- >>Flat Out 442Another car I remember owning as a kid (not this instance, but I had one just like it).
unknown- >>Slide Out 
unknown- >>Dairy Van 
unknownunknown >>Tow JamCD-Rom Interactive Exclusive
unknownunknown >>Pikes Peak CelicaClaimed to be either an engineering mule or a manufacturing defect, shipped from Malaysia so it could conceivably be either.
96409640 >>Fire EaterCould belong to any of the following years: 1977, 1982, 1984, 1990, or 1996. My particualr example is probably a 1977 or 1982 car, going by how far back I remember it being a part of our toy box. Owned by my brother.
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