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Five Years, one hundred and ninety one days later

...I've finally figured out how the fucking image tag works in this software.

imageimg: URL (must have external images enabled) oder name des attachments
alt: alternative text (optional)
ext: extension of the image, if omitted in "img" (optional)
align: alignment of the image (left, right, flow-left, flow-right) (optional)
target: links image to the target (optional)
Displays an image file.

What I only discovered today is that when you are suppling the optional parameters, you:

  • must prefix them with the details; and
  • must therefore prefix all parameters with the details.
Oh yes, where the documentation says flow-left, it means float-left. And also for float-right.

So for example, this works:

...but this doesn't:
...but this does:

Knowing this would have made life a lot easier five years ago when I started messing around with this software.

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