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ImageMagick, a image manipulation toolkit. >>

These comments are for v5.5.5, installed on RedHat 8.0


You'll want to install all the image libraries you can ahead of time:

  • jpeg
  • tiff
  • png the development packages for each of these. It also wants to use a lot of the Gnome support libraries like Freetype, so having that installed helps as well. RH users can just install the RPMs that come with their distribution.


Unless you have pre-built a threaded perl, you will have problems running the out-of-the-box configure/make/make install. You need to do it like this:

./configure --without-threads --without-perl
make install
cd PerlMagick
perl Makefile.PL
make install
Note that even if you do it this way, the perl Makefile.PL step is still likely to bitch you out about not having a multithreaded perl. It's cool, just ignore it.
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