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Inserting Literal HTML

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Inserting Literal HTML Into SnipSnap

...for example, if you want to add Google Analytics code.

You need the >>HTMLmacro from the original SnipSnap site.

I am running version 1.0b1-uttoxeter. This means I installed the .jar file in the directory ./applications/_8668_/webapp/WEB-INF/lib/, NOT in 1.0b1-uttoxeter-20040914/lib.

Restart snipsnap, and you can now use the macro as advertised:

Your <b>code</b> here.


Your code here.

I've inserted my Analytics code into the snipsnap-portlet-1 which gets displayed along side every user-facing page on the wiki.'s only taken me, what, four years to figure this out?

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