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SSH PubKey Login

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Want SSH Pubkey authentication for my AD-backed administrative user. Specifically because having to have my AD password in plaintext in my home directory in order for rancid to work is stupid, security-wise.


set system login user dave full-name "David Mackintosh"
set system login user dave uid 1999
set system login user dave class super-user
set system login user dave authentication ssh-rsa "ssh-rsa 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 dave@store02"

Now I can log in passwordless via ssh and non-key logins require my AD password.

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