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Snmp query: Requested table is empty or does not exist

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(7 September 2012)


When you run switchwalk, it complains that a table is empty or missing:

$ switchwalk 00:0C:29:22:8D:97
sa1-41 ERROR: Requested table is empty or does not exist

This is a snmp query made against the Q-Bridge-II table to identify which MAC addresses are reachable via which port. In this case it's done via perl, but the error state can be triggered generally with a snmpwalk query that's properly constructed.


The snmp and/or mib-process has barfed again. You have to restart

root@sa1-41:RE:0% cli
root@sa1-41> edit
Entering configuration mode

[edit] root@sa1-41# run restart snmp Simple Network Management Protocol process started, pid 76781

[edit] root@sa1-41# run restart mib-process Management Information Base II process started, pid 76783

[edit] root@sa1-41# exit

This has happened to us under several revs of JunOS, including, but not limited to: 10.2 (several revs), 10.3 (several revs), 10.4R5.5

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