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Storm Control

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(7 June 2012)


Jun  7 12:16:55 sa2-40.gridwayit.local eswd[940]: ESWD_ST_CTL_ERROR_IN_EFFECT: ge-0/0/19.0: storm control in effect on the port


set ethernet-switching-options storm-control interface ge-0/0/0 bandwidth 15000

which, translated, means set the threshold for storm control on this port to be 15Mb/s. This didn't do anything useful for me.

What I Actually Did:

root@sa2-40# set ethernet-switching-options storm-control interface ge-0/0/19.0 bandwidth 1000000

Which, translated, means let the threshold for storm control be 100Mb/s. Frankly we're counting on the rest of the network ports to protect themselves with storm control if we're wrong about this.

A better solution would be to raise the threshold enough that these alerts stop happening.

The best solution would be to figure out why the systems attached to these ports are emitting dis-proportionally high broadcast/multicast/unknown traffic. (In my case, that's a bunch of Windows systems in VMs on a Hyper-V cluster. Oh, and the physical NIC that this is attached to is part of a "team", which isn't officially supported in the version of Hyper-V we run… )

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