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Deleting a vc-port

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By default, the 40Gb interfaces on the back are defined as vc-ports for Virtual Chassis (VC) stacking. If you want to use the switches as stand-alone, you have to remove the configuration as vc-ports.


user@host2> request virtual-chassis vc-port delete fpc-slot fpc-slot-number pic-slot pic-slot-number port port-number

For example:

user@host1> request virtual-chassis vc-port delete fpc-slot 2 pic-slot 2 port 0
vc-port successfully deleted

It is probable that you want to do this on multiple members if you have a VC already. Beware the multiple VCs with the same name and IP address that this might accidentally create.

You can see what vc-ports are defined as so:

show virtual-chassis vc-port all-members
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