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VPN Phase 1 Connects Then Drops

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Phase 1 connects then drops seconds later.

In the trace options, you see the message:

iked_pm_id_validate id NOT matched.

...after the message identifying that Phase 1 is up.


The remote side is using IPs as peer-IDs (note: different from phase-2 proxy-IDs) and you probably don't have any peer-IDs defined.

If you have Junos 11.4R5 or later, the correct option to add is:

set security ike gateway $GATEWAY general-ikeid

Or you can define the ike-ID properly. See >>this Juniper page for details.


Observed while trying to move a VPN that was remote peered with a Cisco running ASA v8.0 from a ScreenOS firewall to a JunOS 12.firewall. The ScreenOS firewall dealt with this without issue, but the JunOS firewall needs the knob turned.

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