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Automatic X Display Setting

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Automatically Setting Your X Display To From Whence You Came

I use ssh from cygwin to connect from my laptop to various linux servers. For various no good reasons, I use the eXceed X display software on my laptop rather than cygwin's. I have a batch file set up which permits me to launch a rxvt with a ssh $USER@$PLACE command in it. This ssh usually does not know about an X server, so it generally tends to not set the X display on the system where I land. This is annoying.

Therefore, today's slightly-clever-bit in my .bash_profile (on the system I ssh too, not my laptop):

if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ] ; then
    MyTTY=`who am i | awk '{print $2." "}'` 
    export DISPLAY=`w | grep "$MyTTY" | awk '{print $3.":0.0"}'`
echo Display:$DISPLAY
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