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Beacon Ping

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I want systems I deploy here and there to send beacon pings back to head office.



# Beacon ping to 436-front so we can locate the tap. # Characteristics to help identify it: # - the ICMP packet size will be 436 bytes (ie: our street address) # - the payload pattern is the system name in hex # Invoke from cron regularly; ie every minute or every five minutes. # Locate: # $ tcpdump -nni $IF -X icmp and host # $ tcpdump -r $CAPTURE-FILE -nn -X icmp and host

# System name in hex, one space, no null-terminator: NAME=`uname -n` HEX=`echo "$NAME " | xxd -p | sed -e 's/0a$//'`

# Give me a ping Vasili, one ping only please. </RedOctober> ping -c 1 -w 1 -s 428 -q -p $HEX -n 139.60.16i8.32 > /var/tmp/beacon.last


This probably isn't the stupidest computer trick I've ever done, but it's right up there.

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