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Quick iozone Command

# iozone -Racb excel.wks -f /path/to/place/to/testfile -g 2G

-Remit output in tab/space delimited fields
-aautomatic tests
-cThis tells Iozone to include the close() in the measurement. This may be needed if the client is running NFS version 3. Including the close() helps to reduce the client side cache effects of NFS version 3. If you use a file size that is larger than the amount of memory in the client then the ā€˜cā€™ flag is not needed.
-b excel.wkswrite output into a file called excel.wks formatted as an excel spreadsheet (useful if you want to draw graphs)
-f /path/to/place/to/testfileuse /path/to/place/to/testfile as the filename in the tests; this tells iozone what file system to exercise
-g 2GIf you have more than 512 Mbytes of memory then you need to increase the maximum file size to a larger value. This value should be bigger than your local memory.
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