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CD Packet Writing

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Kernel Patch: >>
  1. Download kernel source plus matching packet-writing patch.
2. Unzip and patch kernel - (for 2.4.19)
  • tar -xzf linux-2.4.19.tar.gz (for Gzipped source) || tar -xIf linux.tar.bz2 (For source that has been compressed with Bzip2)
  • mv linux-2.4.19 linux (so that the patch can work correctly, by default, the source tar file unzips to ./linux-kernelversion, but the pktcdvd patch presumes ./linux)
  • bzip2 -d packet-2.4.19-2.patch.bz2
  • patch -p0 < packet-2.4.19-2.patch
3. Configure kernel
  • make menuconfig
  • Remember to enable pktcdvd under the 'block devices' menu, and to compile UDF with write support.
4. Get and compile UDFtools (Try >>

5. Add pktsetup /dev/cdrom /dev/pktcdvd0 somewhere to your startup scripts. (like rc.local on an RH system)

6. Add an appropriate line to /etc/fstab

7. Compile and install kernel then reboot:

  • make dep modules modules_install bzImage
  • cp /boot/
  • cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage-2.4.19
  • Modify grub.conf or lilo.conf and then run grub/lilo
  • Reboot
  • Run depmod if it has not already been done.
Once pktsetup is run, you should get some feedback telling whether the module is working or not.

If so, try mounting a CD-R/W disc. (" mount -t udf dev/pktcdvd /mnt/cdrom " as /root )

Source: >>

Update, June 2004:

In the course of my XP/Pro experiment on Saturn (XP having a CDR/RW tool built into it) I discovered that UDF is not sufficient for reading the photos from the Mavica camera. So while all this is an interesting exercise it doesn't solve my problem.

On the other hand, installing Easy-CD 5 with the 'j' patch presents a DirectCD which actually works. This does solve my problem.

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