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Dell D600

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Griping about Dell D600 Laptop Problems

Mostly (ok, exclusively) Fedora Core problems.

  • Fedora Core (2,3) doesn't detect my AcerView 77e monitor correctly. Instead of my X desktop, I get a 640x480 window which pans around with the mouse. (Both FC versions detect the Sony GS400 I have correctly.) The problem appears to be that the xorg configuration depends on the monitor speaking back some extended configuration information; it ignores the hard-coded Acer settings in the .conf file. (O.B.Windows: XP detects the monitor correctly, didn't even have to be told about it.)
  • Audio out from the docking station sucks -- it seems to ignore most of the kmix sound settings and has a nasty, tinny oversound to what comes out. The sound out of the headphones jack is perfect. (O.B.Windows: sound lacks the tinny oversound through windows.)
  • Software suspend support sucks. This is probably because everything is too new to be supported; however (sigh) Windows Works.
  • Battery life sucks. ~4.5 hours under windows; 2 hours under Linux.
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