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FC3 Gripes

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Fedora Core Gripes

Here's what I don't like about Fedora Core 3 so far:

  • Evolution 2.0.2. I could write a book about my dislike for this application; however, today we'll settle for the fact that it doesn't visually notify you that you have unread mail if the application is minimized. I'm not expecting a dancing envelope like Windows has, but changing the title to have (2 Unread) if there's something waiting in the inbox wouldn't be impossible.
  • Also I can't get the anti-spam pieces in Evolution to do anything. Spam gets identified; spam gets learned; spam keeps showing up in my Inbox.
  • Fonts got all nasty in a couple of applications; notably Mozilla (which doesn't matter too much because Firefox finally works) and aMSN.
  • the Inbox Monitor applet for the gnome bar doesn't speak imaps. (Or pop3s for that matter.)
  • the constant upgrading of kernels. I have six eight kernels installed since FC3 was released. I have not, to my knowledge, had problems with a kernel (except for the vmware problems documented elsewhere).
  • stupid simple applications always print to the default printer. For example, in GGV (the default PDF viewer), you can't select a non-default printer to print to. (This might be more of a Make Gnome Simple failing than a FC3 failing.)
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